Clearair - The best purification technology!

In 2017 we launched our new unique project ClearAir. It’s about one of the most important problems nowadays – clean and healthy air indoors.

The motto of the brand was to offer professional service and air purifiers with utmost level of filtration, confirmed with certificates from the most distinguished authorities in the field.

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The problem

  • "Air pollution is the new tobacco" "WHO" Director-General Tedros says: : "With viruses and bacteria living in the air and on surfaces for days, a solution is needed to ensure this not occur in your own home."
  • Our country is fourth in the world in deaths due to air pollution.
  • Air pollution is associated with five of the most widespread and worsening quality of life in lung and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Our indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Most people spend up to 90% of their daily life indoors;
  • High concentration of people leads to air pollution with bacteria and viruses.
  • We talk about a healthy lifestyle, active sport, a balanced diet, and at the same time we fprget that we breathe polluted air every day?

The solution

Why are we here?

  • To show you how you can make an investment to keep your family safe and healthy in your own home. The benefits of a healthy living environment cannot be measured in monetary value. The choices you make today will affect how you live for years to come.
  • Many of the new recommendations for healthier working environment in the office spaces include air purifiers, especially for locations with common ventilation and limited access of fresh air.
  • Clean air allows for a more productive environment. It has been scientifically proven that polluted indoor air significantly reduces people’s concentration ability, and causes headaches, fatigue, and sleepiness.
  • Having no viruses and other microorganisms, purified air reduces work-related diseases by up to 30%. That, in turn, could lead to great company savings with regards to healthcare benefits.
  • Clean air is a good health guarantee. Long term exposure to dirty, polluted air, as well as inhaling dust particles may lead to severe respiratory diseases.

High-end air and surface purifiers

Zero Compact
Price (VAT included): 290.00 BGN

Product characteristics

  • Maximum room capacity: 50 m2
  • Max air flow: 250 m3/h
  • Energy consumption: 12 - 55 Watt

Product categories

  • Home usage
Price (VAT included): 450.00 BGN

Product characteristics

  • Maximum room capacity: 99 m2
  • Max air flow: 390 m3/h
  • Energy consumption: 3 - 70 Watt

Product categories

  • Home usage
Zero Pro
Price (VAT included): 650.00 BGN

Product characteristics

  • Maximum room capacity: 120 m2
  • Max air flow: 470 m3/h
  • Energy consumption: 5 - 90 Watt

Product categories

  • Office solutions
  • Home usage

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