Air information

Air information
News | ClearAir Admin | 2021-12-06


  • Most people spend up to 90% of their daily life indoors;
  • According to the ERA and the International Health Organization, indoor air pollution is 5 times bigger threat than outdoors and this is the biggest environmental problem for human health.

While water, food, and daily activity are of utmost importance to our healthy life. But the air we breathe comes first. Clean air allows for a more productive environment. It has been scientifically proven that polluted indoor air significantly reduces people’s concentration ability, and causes headaches, fatigue, and sleepiness. Having no viruses and other microorganisms, purified air reduces work-related diseases by up to 30%. That, in turn, could lead to great company savings with regards to healthcare benefits. Clean air is a good health guarantee. Long term exposure to dirty, polluted air, as well as inhaling dust particles may lead to severe respiratory diseases. Dust particles, pollen, and mold may cause or exacerbate allergies or asthma. Providing a healthy workplace is a challenge to every employer, for it is no longer a formality, but rather – a necessity.

Our clients shared with us:

„Project: Air Purifiers"

Sutherland is a company with a ten-year history at the Bulgarian market, which continues to improve the working environment and atmosphere for their employees. One of the successfully implemented initiatives last year and directed entirely towards the Sutherland’employees was the implementation of air purifiers in all office spaces of the company in Bulgaria. The pilot project started with several devices located in the halls with the largest number of workplaces, so that colleagues can monitor the effectiveness of purifiers for 6 months. The positive feedback from all employees and their desire to expand the project led to the natural decision of the company's management, namely - to place the purifiers in all offices. At the moment, Sutherland Bulgaria is enjoying an extremely positive result and can confidently share its positive experience and recommend the implementation of such an initiative.

For Sutherland

Sutherland has five offices in Bulgaria - three in Sofia and by one in Burgas and Varna. In 2018 the company turned 10 years old in our country and it is one of the leading employers with over 2,500 employees in these locations. At the beginning of the year Sutherland was awarded with first place in the Employer Brand Leader of the Year category. The most valuable asset and reason for establishing Sutherland as a leader in the industry are its employees. It is a proven practice the most managerial positions to be held by internally trained successful specialists. Sutherland Bulgaria is in the Top 3 of employers providing the best office space for their employees in Bulgaria. This was decided by the jury of the authoritative career forum for Bulgarians with experience abroad "Careers in Bulgaria. Why not?". The company was awarded for its excellent location, modern and creative environment, which it offers to its employees.

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