Health and safety workplace

Health and safety workplace
News | ClearAir Admin | 2021-12-06

Your company is well-known on the Bulgarian market and established itself as a proven partner in providing water for business needs through water filtering dispensers. What are the news about your business?

Pure Pro is an exclusive partner for Bulgaria of several international companies, established manufacturers in the field of water filtering dispensers and air purifiers. Our services have become preferred solution in Bulgaria office section. Serious challenge for each employer is to provide a healthy environment. Our main goal is to anticipate the trends in business facility maintenance - this is the purpose of our new service: sale and rental of air purifiers

Nowadays the topic for clear and fresh air is essential and actual. What are the main advantages of your products?

Most people spend up to 90% of their daily life indoors while the air pollution in our home or office can be 5 times bigger than outdoors and this is the biggest environmental problem for human health. Recently, we are talking more and more about a healthy lifestyle and the basic conditions for this are clean water and air. It has been scientifically proven that polluted indoor air significantly reduces people’s concentration ability, and causes headaches, fatigue, and sleepiness. The concentration of many people in the offices is a premise for the spread of viruses and bacteria. Our devices have air purification technology, both from fine dust particles, allergens, odors, and from viruses and microorganisms. This can significantly reduce morbidity in the workplace and save huge funds for companies. Clean air is a guarantee for better health and Winix air purifiers effectively provide a healthy environment. The products meet the highest standards and have all the important certificates in the field.

What distinguishes your company?

Pure Pro offers uncompromising product quality, combined with the high standards of service, maintenance and hygiene. We offer a professional attitude, attention to the personal needs of our clients and this is the successful formula for valuable and long-term business relationships. Our air purifiers and water filtering dispensers save costs to the companies, optimize processes, free of ozone and no excess plastic! Take your opportunity for a free and non-committal test period.

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