Healthy and safety workplace /topic continuation/

Healthy and safety workplace /topic continuation/
News | ClearAir Admin | 2021-12-07

Kamelia Toneva, Business Development Manager Pure Pro Ltd.

Your company is well-known at the Bulgarian market and established itself as a proven partner in providing water for business needs through water filtering dispensers and air purifiers. What are the news about your business?

Pure Pro is a trading company established in 2011 with main activity  import, distribution, sale, rent and service of water filtering  dipensers. Our company is an authorized partner for Bulgarian market of several recognized companies in the filed of water filtration / As pioneers on the Bulgarian market, our team managed to gain exceptional value experience over the last 10 years. We continued our growth and product development in the field of filtration. In 2017 we started our last project which is focused on one of the most important issues nowadays – clean air for indoor environment; We created the Clearair brand in order to offer air purifiers with the highest level of filtration, confirmed by quality certificates from the most renowned institutions in the field. We have recently partnered with the world-renowned American company Aerus. Aerus / ex. Electrolux / is a global brand that combines innovative technologies with revolutionary processes to create an extremely healthy living environment. Innovation for more than 90 years with over 50 million customers.

How your products correspond to the new increased requirements in the work environment:

The challenges facing employers are extremely serious and responsible. That's why we quickly found a solution for contactless use of our water filtering dispensers and we can offer a "hands free" module for control and dosing water with pedals. This is the only such solution on our market at the moment and it is already used in many companies.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring Aerus Space Technology to the Bulgarian market. And now we can clean not only the air, but also the surfaces indoors. Beyond Guardian ( is the only air and surface purifier on the market that uses a unique combination of technologies, including ionization, better than HEPA 0.1 micron filter, carbon filter, UVC / Photocatalytic Oxidation / and certified and approved by NASA ActivePure®Technology. It is proven effective against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, dust, both in the air and on indoor surfaces. ActivePure®Technology was originally developed in collaboration with NASA to destroy airborne pathogens. The original technology was used on the International Space Station. It’s effectiveness is proven against RNA and DNA viruses.  If a few months ago our task was to purify the air only from fine dust particles, the challenges after Covid 19 are two. Through air purifiers, we can provide a healthier environment, especially during cyclical influenza and virus epidemics.

What are the opportunities for companies to use your products and be flexible:

Pure Pro is the only company on the Bulgarian market that offers to its corporate clients the opportunity to rent air purifiers, providing regular visits for cleaning and replacement of filters, incl. to offer preferential rental conditions in case of lock down.

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