Pure Comfort and Clean Air Enjoy the Best of Both

Pure Comfort and Clean Air Enjoy the Best of Both
News | ClearAir Admin | 2023-03-01

It's almost that time of year when the weather can change drastically from day to day.
With this comes the turning on and off of air conditioning and heating systems, the opening and closing of windows. Although we cannot control the climate, we can control the air in our homes and workplaces.
By combining the use of an air purifier and humidifier, we enjoy clean and fresh air at the most comfortable humidity levels.

Opening and closing windows and switching from air conditioning to heating brings a whole new round of pollutants into your home.
The pollens and mold spores that have emerged outside are now finding their way indoors and into your lungs.
Let's not forget that the stale dust that has been in your air conditioner all winter remains in your homes and work spaces.

Cold season may be behind us, but allergy season is just beginning. So, while the fresh air of an open window is refreshing… maybe it's time for an air purifier and preventatively to keep unwanted allergies at bay.

Along with allergen prevention, we also want our bodies to feel great.
Going quickly from cold to dry air both indoors and outdoors can be a shock to your skin. The lack of sufficient moisture leads to side effects such as itching, peeling and dry skin, dry eyes, headaches and can cause your sinuses to become inflamed.
The key to combating these symptoms is maintaining an optimal level of moisture in the air around you.

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